Working with Pamela made the process of our home purchase an exciting and rewarding experience. She provided us with the market knowledge, insight & strategies to set us up to win! By doing so Pamela took all the guess work & surprises out of the process. We also felt so comfortable & confident working with Pamela because in addition to her market knowledge her knowledge of home construction was also invaluable! Not to mention she was always available in a beyond timely manner so there were no missed opportunities.

We are so thankful that we had Pamela in our corner ever step of way!

For anyone looking for an outstanding Realtor and so much more Pamela is the only one!

Ravindra Kolluru

For anyone looking for the best Realtor in Toronto, look to Pamela! She worked with us diligently to understand our needs and take us through the process of becoming overjoyed 1st time home-owners in a new city.

When first sitting down with her we looked at different scenarios in regards to leasing versus owning. It quickly became apparent after looking at all the numbers that home ownership was within our reach. With Pamela's pulse on the market, tenacity, resourcefulness, along with her strategic negotiations, home ownership is now a wonderful reality.

We can't thank you enough and will be referring you to all our friends and family!

Marissa & Mike

Sold Sold Sold! Wow, Pamela gets the job done. Having Pamela sell our home gave us a designer, builder & realtor all in one person! Invaluable knowledge & guidance to help us sell our home for the highest price & in the shortest amount of time. After working with Pamela to prepare our home for the market we didn't even recognize the house. With her dedication & experience in marketing our home, ensuring all concerns were addressed, providing valuable timely feedback and most importantly closing the winning deal Pamela is a true professional and even more a great friend to know.

We triply appreciate all the efforts you have made to sell our house in shortest time and with highest bid. It was indeed a pleasure working with you

Thank you Pamela we will miss you!

Alaa, Hanan, Lily & Karma

Awesome! 5 stars! Awesome! Pamela is beyond attentive, knowledgeable, patient and makes getting the job done look easy!

When first engaging Pamela we were unsure whether to lease, purchase a condo, or purchase a house. Not to mention we were not sure if we wanted to stay in Toronto or move a little to the east closer to our family.

Pamela worked with us to look at all our options. We were then able to zero in on what was perfect for us both an investment and future development perspective. Pamela provided us with the information we needed to purchase the right price and then successfully negotiated and closed the deal!

Pamela has become a trusted partner of our family who will turn to for years to come.

Thank you Emily and Sumeet

There is no need to interview multiple Realtors...

just call Pamela!

We met with 4 Realtors over the course of 1 year before meeting with Pamela. We called her after seeing her property sign which said "Sold Over Asking" on a neighbor's home. With the market being slow this was encouraging to see! I was curious to see who the realtor was that sold the home over asking as others have been sitting on the market.

Once meeting with Pamela the decision was easy. In addition to her expertise as a Realtor, Pamela's depth of knowledge as a Designer & Custom Home Building set her apart. She proved invaluable when preparing and marketing our home for sale. She recommended the best places to spend money preparing the home in order to achieve the greatest impact & dollar value when selling. Pamela was involved when selecting & engaging with the necessary contractors, selecting finishes & fixtures and staged the home to appeal to the majority of potential buyers.

In fact, my husband and I were surprised at the level of involvement and care Pamela provided throughout the process. And the process started well in advance of the "For Sale" sign installation on the front lawn. In fact, once the sign was installed the home was sold in 7 days!

Pamela went above & beyond what we expected a Realtor to do! And now we too have a sign on our front lawn with Pamela's name saying "Sold Over Asking"

Thank you Pamela!

Sue Slocum & Bruce Smith

WOW! I can honestly say under very difficult and challenging circumstances using Pamela to sell our existing home and purchase my new condo proved to be an amazing experience! Pamela was with me every step of the way. When it came to selling my existing home Pamela confidently came in and recommended & implemented effective upgrades to best present our home for sale. I was 100% confident and trusting of Pamela's representation due to her keen market knowledge and exceptional understanding of buyer's wants & needs. Pamela seamlessly & effortlessly marketed our home to the requirements and concerns of potential home-buyers. Her ability to expertly negotiate and close the deal was the winning combination.

When purchasing my new condo I experienced Pamela’s knowledge and professionalism for her trade. Not only did Pamela secure the condo for me in a multiple offer situation she ensured that I paid a fair price for the property. In addition, Pamela provided me with the insight, advice & confidence to make the right purchase. Furthermore, Pamela assisted me with design recommendations along with suppliers & trade contacts to do the upgrades to my condo. Pamela's experience, skills, knowledge and contacts as both a Realtor and Builder along with her hard work and dedication to her client's separates her from all the competition!

Jodi Firestone.

Pamela is the "real deal". We always had the utmost trust & confidence in her as we had worked closely with her for years. We knew how hardworking & knowledgeable she is in home-selling, home-building & home-design. This is why we say Pamela is the real deal as she encompasses all aspects of home-selling.

We were concerned given the market had slowed down and homes in the area were not moving. Like most home sellers we wanted to sell fast and for the most amount of money.

Pamela went into action from day one. She provided her design input, staged the house, marketed the house using not only photography, but also incorporated drone photography, video, an amazing virtual tour, floor plans, a property feature sheet, a property survey, a home inspection report, cost to own & financing information, school district information & MORE. She hosted the open houses, fielded every call, initiated calls and followed up with all interested parties! No stone was left unturned.

Just as important she was always available for all our questions & concerns which made us feel at ease & cared for throughout the process and after the deal was done.

Once all the hardwork of preparing the home & preparing the marketing material was complete Pamela listed our home and within 7 days we received multiple offers. She negotiated the winning bid and we sold over asking! We will be referring Pamela to all our friends and family because she is truly amazing!

Monica Dobosz and Maciej Stolowski

5 stars hands-down! Pamela is extremely professional, knowledgeable and hardworking! It was obvious from when I first started working with Pamela that she only had our best interest at heart. For anyone looking for an awesome realtor, you don't have to look any further just call Pamela!

Jeff Coffin

When deciding who to list my house with, I interviewed several Realtors as well as friends who started calling me. Pamela was the only Realtor I knew could ensure my house would receive the most $. This was due to her "added" ability to provide her wealth of home-design and home-construction expertise.

Not only does she have a clear vision of what buyers are seeking when choosing to purchase a home. She can execute on this vision. Pamela came in re-designed areas of the house to ensure there was a consistency and flow throughout the house. She highlighted areas that needed repair and connected me with valuable trade resources that saved me time, money and aggravation. I don't know any other Realtor that is able to do this.

My decision to list my house with Pamela allowed me to feel comfortable, confident and I was able to sleep at night because Pamela was there for me, and not just at the transaction phase, but each step of the way preparing my house in advance of the transaction phase to ensure that I receive top dollar for my house.

For anyone trying to decide who to list their house with, Pamela is the one because she can provide what others couldn't. Hands down Pamela is the best choice!Thank you so much Pamela

Carmelo Dinatale

I met Pamela while visiting a home that she was listing. We put an offer on the house which did not go through. However, that turned out to be the blessing in disguise! I felt Pamela really had our best interest at heart and I asked her to work with us to find us a place to meet our needs. She worked professionally and efficiently to find us a home we liked even better than the original.

In addition to her market knowledge, she understands a house inside and out due to her design and construction background. This provided us with an added level of comfort and confidence.

We can't thank Pamela enough for her dedication and hard-work. For anyone looking for a great Realtor with great work-ethic, knowledge and experience Pamela is the one to call! Thank you Pamela.

Lisa and Shawn Thompson

Pamela is the best realtor I have seen! She has the background of interior designer and builder, which is extremely helpful when I am buying and selling real estate. She is very rigorous, careful and serious about business.

When I purchase a property, she always verifies the zoning, history, and relevant background and can easily engage with the city building departments due to her contacts and knowledge. She has excellent communication and negotiation skills. Pamela always works in an extremely timely manner. When I send her a question, I will receive the answer quickly, even if it is the late evening.

A good realtor does not push you into a deal, but helps you to make the right decision – and that is exactly what Pamela provides, the information, knowledge and experience to make the right decisions!

Bestframe Homes

Working with Pamela was awesome! Her knowledge in real-estate, home-design and construction made searching for a property stress-free. She is attentive, knowledgeable and extremely responsive. Pamela ensured I was fully informed every step of the way and confident with my decisions. In addition, for any construction or design concerns I only had to look to Pamela. I am confident that anyone looking to buy or sell in the GTA will be as pleased with Pamela's services as I was!

Steve Bourikas

We are so thankful to have been referred to Pamela! With a slow market and homes sitting on the market for 60 days and more we were feeling concerned before getting out of the gate.

When first meeting with Pamela, she provided us with valuable market data & comparables but what really gave us the confidence to go with Pamela was that she was so knowledgable, approachable, resourceful and beyond committed to working for us & with us to get the job done!

In addition, not only is Pamela an amazing realtor, her expertise as a designer & custom home builder allowed her to prepare and market our home to best appeal to buyers and respond to buyers needs & concerns on the spot.

Pamela said she would not stop until our house was sold and in 22 days on the market our house was sold firm while neighboring homes continue to sit or relist at reduced prices.

We are now looking forward to the next chapter of our lives which is now possible thanks to Pamela committment, resourcefulness, tenancity & knowledge!

If you are looking to sell your home.....PAMELA IS THE BEST!

George & Rita Boutros

We chose to engage Pamela to sell our home due to her keen understanding of home design & construction. Our beautiful home has some unique and upgraded design features that required a realtor with a more in-depth knowledge of home construction as compared to other local realtors. Pamela immediately saw added design potential to further enhance our property and quickly engaged her trades to execute the work. Pamela ensured all our documentation pertaining to the house was readily available and accurate be-it an accurate property survey since our property is an irregular lot, a trusted home inspection report, floor plans, up-to-date property taxes and assessment, as well as other documentation specific to our property.

After which time Pamela set forth to "actively" market the property. Whereas other realtors discounted the value of open houses Pamela chose to hold an open house every week-end until we found a buyer. In our case Pamela brought us 2 buyers! She expertly negotiated the multiple offers to secure us top dollar for our home.

In addition, Pamela kept us informed throughout the selling process as to the activity and buyer feedback. With previous agents, it was often difficult to get through to them directly but Pamela was available to communicate with us via phone, email, text message or conference whenever we needed her. That made us feel heard, looked after and engaged, being part of the team in selling our house, our “home”. That was extremely important to us along with Pamela’s excellent real estate skills and experience in presenting the workmanship done in our home.

We attribute our selling success story due not only to Pamela's design & construction background but to her tenacity, resourcefulness, negotiation skills, market knowledge and good old hard-work!

For anyone looking for a smooth selling experience on all levels from in-depth knowledge of home design & construction which allows Pamela to respond to buyers needs & concerns on-the-spot, to pricing, marketing, staging, access to trade professionals and more, just look to Pamela and win.....we did!

Thank you Pam!!

Beatrice & Cris

Working with Pamela was a great experience. She was always responsive, professional and resourceful. Not to mention she never gives up. We put in three offers and closed on no. three. No question....5 stars easy!!!

Stuart Squires